2015 FA Cup Final - Cincy Gooners

I wrote a FA Cup Final post and I was going to splice in comments and memories from all of my friends at CincyGooners. What they wrote was too good to leave some of it on the cutting room floor, so here it is in its entirety. Check it out for yourself and write your own in the comments!

Half of a packed Rhinehaus

Half of a packed Rhinehaus

Tyler : It was really nice to see the place so packed early (about an hour before kick-off). It definitely felt like a genuine Arsenal bar as it was standing room only and just about everyone was wearing their Gunners gear. I was excited about the starting lineup and it worked out even better than I thought it would.

I couldn’t stop yelling after the Sanchez strike and I almost get choked up thinking about the Ox to Giroud 4th goal which put the perfect ending to their seasons in which they individually had been struggling towards the end of. It was also the perfect ending to my season as a fan which was my first with so many new friends at a great bar. I know it isn’t practical for every game but I wish we could make that place like that for more games than just one per season.  –  @tittiboy

Mike : The football gods are a fickle bunch. For most teams, the gaps between silverware are long, and the outlook on the future can be bleak during trophy droughts. Even elite teams can face these periods, as Arsenal did after the 2004/05 season until 2014. No, silverware cannot be guaranteed; therefore, when your team has a shot, you should go hard. And so when Arsenal squared up against Aston Villa last week, go hard I did.

I’m pretty sure everyone knows I’m an extrovert. If I trusted more of my fellow Cincy Gooners to join me in chants, I’d be chanting every weekend. But when silverware is on the table, I don’t care. I’ll chant alone if I have to. I’ll do shots alone if I have to. Nothing is going to stop me from making the most of that day—not my bank account screaming from buying rounds of drinks and Uber rides, not the time spent prostrate before the porcelain alter the next morning, not any of that good adult behavior I’ve been cultivating of late. I spent the entire day celebrating, from kickoff till I fell asleep, and I was lucky enough to have the Cincy Gooners at my side.

The money, the hangover, whatever. It was worth it. I hope I can do it every single year.  I don’t care how old I am, I will never outgrow celebrating a victory I might never taste again.  –  @burkelmt

Matt : I am a fan of the Arsenal, not soccer, the Arsenal. It seems like a contradiction and maybe it is, even I find it hard to explain. I have been slogging my way to the bar for weekend matches now for 2 years. I watch regularly for a myriad of reasons. 1. Having sports on a television somehow makes it socially acceptable for me to be drinking at 8 am.  2. The sense of community with my fellow fans 3. I really enjoy talking shit (preferably about Chelsea). If I had to keep going I doubt a love of the sport of soccer itself would even make my top ten lists.

Looking back at the FA Cup Final, it was great game regardless of what happened on the screen. It gave me everything I wanted in a match. Booze was plentiful. The sense of camaraderie as “we” strove to victory reached a rapid pitch. Fueled by the both of these things, the trash talking was plentiful with countless songs being bellowed across the bar. While I’m sure many enjoyed the game for purer reasons and you can argue that I am the “wrong kind of fan” the fact is I got exactly what I wasn’t from the game, the season, and the team.

I’m a fan of the Arsenal, and if we can have more matches like the one on Saturday I might even become a fan of soccer.  –  @MatthewReview