Another Leicester Title Post


First off, congratulations to Leicester. Everyone is excited, and I am too, about Leicester winning the title. It's an amazing story but one written by writers who are a lot better at writing those stories than I am (as evidenced by a sentence that uses written, writer, writing, story, & stories). 

Obviously those journalists are doing their jobs because I have noticed a profusion of people in Leicester shirts in the pubs as of late and I'm sure there will be even more next season (who are gonna be really disappointed after Mahrez and Kanté leave and the Foxes will have to struggle with the weight of being champions and the additional UCL fixtures. It's gonna be rough but to be honest that's what everyone said about this season). 

My initial reaction was, "really?" but after some thought and talking it out, it's a good thing. Soccer is always going to have new fans in the States and it makes sense that they gravitate towards the Cinderella story of the season. You're basically a jerk if you picked Chelsea this season. I first started noticing those rather dapper blue kits showing up in December and January when a title was obviously still possible but Spurs or Arsenal winning it seemed way more likely. This season not only shook up the big four in England but also spread out the new fans on our side of the pond. Before this year American fans seemed to only pick those four clubs or, if they were a big USMNT fan, they might pick a side with an American (Geoff Cameron - Stoke, Tim Howard - Everton, Clint Dempsey - Fulham & Spurs). This new found diversity is a good thing.

My personal story for picking a club was one part fortune (they happened to be on TV in football's offseason) and the other four parts careful investigation. Honestly though, it doesn't have to be that heavy. If you're choosing a team to follow other than your local (aka picking a Euro side) pick one because you like a player or their history or style or the colors they play in. In the end it doesn't really matter as long as you enjoy it and stick with it.

Well whatever. There it is. I promised myself I'd write a post every weekday and I'm sticking to it. Even when Game of Thrones is on and you have to go to yoga with the wife. Be nice to new fans even when they're that jerk new Leicester fan who acts like he's so much better than you and they've won a title and your club hasn't since 1961 when color tv's were still new and he's obviously a better fan because his team won the league. This guy really does exist, I know, I've met him.