FC Cincinnati v NY Red Bulls II - Player Ratings

This was a tough one because so many players made great individual contributions but the team as a whole played poorly. The first ten minutes of the match were particularly rough with suffocating pressure from NYRB II. There were periods where FCC looked decent in the first half but Baby Bulls were able to force four last ditch tackles in the box. Even with that, Mitch only had to make two soft saves. Second half started much better and ended up with a goal in the 61st minute. Two late goals continue a worrying trend of FCC conceding late. On to Louisville, right?

My own ratings and reason below. Add your own and leave a comment why.

1: K - Mitch Hildebrandt - 90' - For how much Red Bulls dominated on the counter, Mitch really didn't make any stellar saves. On the first goal, he lined up directly in the middle of the goal even though his wall was covering his far post. He got beaten at the near post. For the second goal he was also a shade too slow to go to the far post when the cross came in and was beaten by a nice header. Underwhelming - 3.5

15: RB - McManbun - 90' - A lot of the first half pressure came down his flank and he did his usual runs forward and back. Neither fullback had much luck moving the ball forward from the wings. Samesies - 5

3: LB - Tyler Polak - 90' - A couple dangerous giveaways in the first half, including a foul right in front of the box, and ended up with a (undeserved?) card in the 34th minute. Got his body in front of a dangerous shot in the 80' minute but directly at fault for the second goal getting outjumped. - ugh - 4 - YC

23: CB - Austin Bery - 80' - What's with our centerbacks tacking shots in the face? Manhandled at times in the playing sense as well but was able to keep it together. Played as the more forward of the two centerbacks so it was often up to other defenders to cover. Red Bulls goals happened immediately after he left the pitch. meh - 5

8: CB - Paul Nicholson - 59' - Best FCC player of the first half making charging runs to break Red Bull's press and a great one on one tackle in the 25'. Made a second inch-perfect tackle in the box in the 39'. not bad. - 7 - YC


6: CM - Kenney Walker - 14' - Got an early clearance and then a tackle on the ensuing cross. Went off early. - NR

19: CM - Corben Bone - 90' - Wasn't as much of an influence on the game as he usually is. The midfield had a lot of trouble taking the ball forward from the defense. He created a couple key passes and one nice through ball to Cummings but was outpressed. off night - 5

RW: 10 - Eric Stevenson - 71' - Much less effective on the wing in the first half than when he played more centrally in the second half. Was good at tracking back but often didn't make the tackle in that position. out of sorts - 5

20: LW - Jimmy Mac - 90' - Multiple crosses in the first half that were just out of reach of their target. Ended up on the end of a Cummings cross (mistaken shot?) for goal. Good composure. Dancing - 7.5 - ⚽ MOTM

14: CF - Omar Cummings - 90' - Played very well in his deeper lying striker role in the first half, creating multiple chances inlcuding two for Okoli, but at the expense of midfield stability. Was shifted to the wings in the second half where he showed strength and came in to create the cross for the goal. Hook - 7 - A

9: CF - Sean Okoli - 90' - Wasted two chances in the first half and was very close to a goal in the 56'. Combined twice with flicks to Omar in the box in the second, one for the pre-assist. Put his body on the line when challenging the keeper and ended up with a bloody nose. Some good, some bad - 6


4: CB - Harrison Delbridge - 76' - For a player that was supposed to be sick, he came in and made some amazing tackles, including a last-ditch in the 26' and 41'. Got called for the foul incorrectly that led to the first goal. Hard to knock him for the good shift for a bad call - 7

13: CM - Francisco Narbón - 31' - Came on in the second half but I honestly don't remember seeing him do much. Didn't he have a shot that went over? Incognito - 5 - YC

23: RW - Andrew Wiedeman - 19' - Came on in a period in the game when we were stuck between being solid and pushing for a second. - 5.5

12: CB - Evan Lee - 9' - Came on when the ship went down but not directly at fault for either goal. - 5.5

18: RW - Omar Mohamed - 90' - Came on in extra time but the game was already over. Too late - NR