Mickey Mouse Land B v FC Cincy

Everyone was in good spirits in a packed Rhinehaus (when is RH not packed?) and the chants of "Cincy til I die" were ringing through the bar. It was FC Cincy's first real midweek match. The kickoff got pushed back due to lightning, first from 7:30 to 7:50 then 8:17 and eventually FCC's president made an announcement to the whole bar to go home because no game would be played tonight, maybe tomorrow. Good thing he was wrong. This was a barnburner. 

It was pouring down rain in Orlando for the match but the OCB front office assured everyone that the field could handle "monsoon" levels before puddling. While you can find travel for $99 airfair down to Orlando from Cincy from time to time, that's pretty expensive for an entire team and staff. The incentive was to play the game tonight if at all possible. The match finally kicked off at 9:50pm.

The first good opportunity went to Orlando in the tenth but Mitch stopped it. The next two fell to FC Cincy, who were in control of most of the possession, but the first half finished nil-nil. It felt rather late for me but it must have have felt even later for FCC having been on a flight to Orlando and waiting to start a game for almost two and a half hours. A very soft PK was given to OCB after Nicholson and the OCB attacker come shoulder to shoulder. 1-0 OCB

FC Cincy got a free kick on the left hand side. After a quick forward pass is called back, a side pass to the top of the box is met with a thunderous drive from Kenney Walker to level it up. 1-1  

Time passes and then a horrible throw in leads to Okoli through on goal. The keeper takes him down in the box and a penalty is awarded. OCB's keeper is shown a red card andOkoli gets the penalty up in the air and past the new keeper. 2-1 FCC

That penalty visibly deflated a young OCB side, who are now playing down a man. A final Stevenson goal in stoppage time gave FCC their first multiple goal win. I would also like to point out that at the beginning of the match, OCB's commentary crew mentioned how terrible Okoli was at playing people in with the ball at his feet in the box. Guess who got that final assist? 3-1 FCC

Well it is late but I'm glad I stayed up for this. Now it's bed time.