Podcasts – Cause reading is tough sometimes. Great for scratching that football itch on your morning commute.

  • The Football Ramble – Hands down the greatest all-around football podcast. Funny, British, non-partisan, and covers all the major euro leagues and sometimes MLS with a focus on England.
  • Arsecast – Twice weekly podcast by Arseblog one of which is a collaboration with Gunnerblog. If you haven’t figured it out, this one is Arsenal specific. Worth listening to just for the dulcet, Irish brogue.

  • Football Weekly – Another great all-around football podcast hosted by James Richardson. Has some of the best soccer journalists as regular guest including Sid Lowe, Richard Honigstein, Iain Macintosh, Philippe Auclair, & Amy Lawrence, among others. Hosted by The Guardian.

  • The Tuesday Club – Hilarious! Arsenal podcast by comedian Alan Davies. Title references the Arsenal players who would go on benders on Tuesday nights. 

  • Massive Report - The definitive Columbus Crew Podcast.

  • Aces Radio - The former definitive Crew Podcast's outcast celebrity shitlord's rival pod.

  • Wrong Side of the Pond – Good podcast. Talks about all things soccer, English, European, & American. Hail from from Ohio and are quite decent fellows for a Spurs fan and a Chelsea fan. Website has a quite useful Soccer Pub Atlas for finding a local place to watch.

  • Enganche Podcast - Ohio based pod that focuses on soccer culture and history.

Books – If you’re into that whole ink & paper thing.

  • Inverting the Pyramid – An interesting history of football tactics. A bit higher level for some as having a basis in soccer tactics is necessary. I found it harder to follow, despite having a decent knowledge of tactics, by the fact that most of the book is based on tactical systems that are only tangentially related to our modern ones.
  • Fear and Loathing in La Liga – The definitive book by Sid Lowe on the political and football history of Spain’s two biggest super clubs.
  • Arsènal: The Making of a Modern Superclub – the authoritative book on the history of Arsenal Football Club since the 90’s

  • How Soccer Explains the World – An approachable book on how a broad number of regional conflicts are better illuminated through a football lens.

  • Thierry Henry: Lonely at the Top -Philippe Auclair’s great biography of a great player.

  • Fever Pitch – Definitely more of a travelogue than it is just a love story like the movie. Captures exactly what it’s like to be a soccer fan at times.

Blogs – What kind of loser writes a blog. Oh me. right.

  • Spielverlagerung – A masters level understanding of tactics. Breaks down selected, recent matches with a German tactical lens. If you want to understand tactics, this site is a must. 

  • Zonal Marking – Michael Cox is very knowledgeable and puts together good articles. Usually picks one match a week to focus on.

  • whoscored – a great stats site powered by Opta.

  • squawka – another awesome stats site. Their comparison matrix is going to get a lot of us from me on this blog.

  • Arseblog – The godfather of Arsenal blogs as the longest running and highest standard Arsenal blog. A bit off the wall at times.

  • A Cultured Left Foot – Daily posts that are always well crafted.

  • 7amkickoff – American Arsenal bloggers. Naveen writes a wonderful tactics column for the type of person who also love economics.

  • Scratching the Pitch - Not many more knowledgeable about USL. Give Chad a follow.

Movies – Next time your significant other forces you to watch a romcom, get a commitment that the next film you watch is one of these.

  • Fever Pitch – No, not the stupid Fallon/Barrymore Red Sox version. Relive Anfield ’89 “It’s up for grabs now. THOMAS!”

  • The Damned United – Great film with Michael Sheen who plays a fictionalized version of Brian Clough, who was probably the greatest English Manager, when he was manager of Leeds United for 44 days. 

  • The Football Factory – One of the biggest films about Chelsea hooligans. Grittier than

  • Green Street Hooligans – The hollywood version of football hooliganism. Very good. Mr. Frodo!

  • Escape to Victory – The football scenes are a bit silly but you can’t go wrong with Pele, Sly Stallone, Michael Caine, Bobby Moore, and Nazis.